Valentine’s Crafts with Baker Ross

I’m not too keen on encouraging little children to participate in the sending of Valentine’s cards but hearts and lovey things can be so cute that I wouldn’t like Boo to miss out.

So Baker Ross sent us some lovely Valentine’s crafts and I thought it would be a lovely idea for some bonding time after having the baby, now to be called Beb on the blog which stands for Blue Eyed Boy. If he has brown eyes, it will still work but the fly in the ointment will be if his little eyes are green but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.


We received some very cute mini-ducks with hearts on which Boo loved. Together with some foam, fun glasses and love-bug stickers.

So we sat on the carpet in the living room and began.

It was meant to be a pleasant afternoon. The first alone with Boo, Beb and myself.

Boo did have a bit of a melt down because Beb joined us on the floor for a feed. It was to be expected. Poor Boo has had me to herself for four years.

We laid the stickers on the carpet and enjoyed looking at the different characters.

We tried the glasses on everything we could find.





Me (excuse the hair, nightie and no make up-I have just had a baby)


Rosie the dog

and poor little Beb.


Thankfully, Boo found it hilarious. Disaster was averted.


The good thing about Baker Ross’s Valentine’s range is it can be used any time, not just for February 14th so why not check it out for yourself?

*We were sent the craft materials for the purpose of this review but all hormones and opinions are our own. Well mine.


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