Vileda Windomatic-A Review


We have a lot of windows in our house. The living room on the second floor has bi-fold doors which were a great idea when we renovated the farm house. We also have French doors in the kitchen out onto the garden.


Both sets do let in lots of lovely light and the bi-fold doors give us a lovely view of the farm yard which is especially nice for the children as they get to see Daddy and the tractors every day.


One thing I didn’t think about though was sticky hand prints and wet dog noses up against the glass. I could happily lean the windows twice a day and it would still look like they hadn’t been done.
Coupled with this, I have never got the no-smear window cleaning knack. At all.


Until now.


We have been trying out the Vileda Windomatic cordless window vacuum cleaner-just in time for getting the house all ship-shape for Christmas.


It is billed as being the quick and easy way to a streak-free finish after washing your windows, for removing window condensation, wiping mirrors or cleaning up spills.




So what do you get in the box?




You get the windomatic itself, a wiper blade and a power cord.


Eager to have a go straight away, I had to calm myself down as the Windomatic has to be charged for six hours prior to first use but don’t worry, subsequent charges do not take as long.


Essentially, you wash your windows in the same way you usually do but, I would say you don’t have to take as much care with the streaks.




As soon as you have cleaned, you urn the vacuum on, create a suction between the lip of the wiper and your window (or shower cubicle-I know, how exciting is that?) and turn the appliance on.


The wide wiper blade and suction power efficiently removes water from windows without drips and without the need to polish afterwards.

The flexible head gives you the best cleaning angle to allow you to vacuum right down to the base of the window and into corners.

The mains rechargeable lithium battery allows you to use the windomatic cordlessly all around the home.

Vileda recommends you empty the dirty water out of the reservoir after every use.


I am so impressed with my new toy (it is Christmas after all) that the thankless task of window cleaning has been made much more fun with the Vileda Windomatic.




While I can’t ask more than that, the Windomatic actually gives more because you can use it on shower cubicles and my ultimate favourite-mirrors. No more grubby marks on surfaces in my house-until the kids and animals go near them again.


The Vileda Windomatic retails at £49.99 and we were sent the product for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.


I give the Vileda Windomatic a 5 star rating.









  1. We’ve got this too and I totally agree about the mirrors, it’s a revelation being able to do my makeup straight after having a shower without a streaky mirror!

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