1. Oh that’s funny, I did have weird dreams in pregnancy but I’d forgotten. Mine were mostly about the baby. As you say I suppose you’ve got to be grateful for getting some sleep 😉

  2. Oh my gosh, this is so true and I can relate to it 100%. This is my first pregnancy and at 23 weeks it’s taking me hours to get to sleep and when I do, I enter in to this crazy dream world! I wake up emotionally exhausted the next day from my weird dreams and it’s all so vivid! I haven’t dreamt about any killed pigs though thankfully ha ha!
    Hayley x

  3. Hahaha yes! Pregnancy dreams are crazy! I really, don’t properly remember mine at the moment, but they are very very vivid, and very weird. It’s like I remember them for half an hour, and then just have a weird feeling about it.

    Thanks for hosting x #maternitymondays

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