• farmerswifeandmummy

      I feel you may well have passed me and laughed as I got refused entry into the club 😉

  1. This is a lovely post and you’re absolutely right, as tempting as it is, you can’t be forced not to go out by terrorists, keep going to Manchester and show them they haven’t won xx

  2. Emma, this is a fantastic post, I remember ALL of those things about growing up in Manchester. I virtually lived in the Corn Exchange when I was a teenager! Lovely, lovely post. We ARE Manchester xx

  3. You forgot when Primark used to be Lewis’s. Your post has actually made me feel really gooey – Manchester has changed so much over the years and it is awesome to reminisce about being mesmerised by the city as a child – but my love for it has only grown through the years – and that love and awesomeness definitely runs through our veins from the day we are born! Sim xx

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