1. A cunning Mummy Plan. Same in the household.Just when I am busy he will start to ask and tell me he is hungry. Ugh! I will usually give him something but the problem is when its time for dinner he is no longer hungry. Still havent found out how to work around this yet. #WOTW

  2. My kids like chocolate, too, and I’d say Little Man more so than Boo. I use bourbons as a substitute, too! Fortunately, they are also happy to snack on fruit, but when they want choc, yep, they want choc! This weekend will certainly make them very happy! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      hehe I’m glad it’s not just me 😉 I did contemplate trying fruit but I didn’t think she’d fall for that!!

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