1. Oh no, that does not sound good at all. I hope it turns up. I write things on the calendar in the kitchen as well as on my phone and in a diary-triple cover but I still forget things!

  2. Oh no that’s no good!
    I’m really anal when it comes to things like this I have my ipad and phone synced up and then a calender on the laptop and then a weekly day by day stuck to the fridge that everyone contributes to so I feel your pain!

  3. Oh no! that’s rubbish! I have to admit I have converted to the calendar on my phone now – it links with hubby’s phone and our computers too which really helps, but I used to be a diary girl so i can totally understand how lost you feel without it! Loving the comments about previous missed appts, Take That, hilarious! Hope you find it, or at least figure out when your appointments are!! xx #wotw

  4. I must admit I do rely on my filofax (how 80s!) but these days I don’t make many appointments if I can help it (read: no life!) Hope you find it soon though. #WotW

  5. Oh, this made my blood still in my veins! Disaster! I love Moleskine too but they really need to do one with a chip in the cover so you can locate it via GPS. Light a candle to St Anthony for a safe return.

  6. Oh no! It sounds like a lovely diary, too! I hope it turns up, though I’m guessing it’s not looking good. Fingers crossed you’ll get some reminder calls & letters through for appointments! Thanks for joining in with #WotW x

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