5 Things You Need for Back To School

1. Fabric stain remover. Living on the farm, we avoid white clothing like the plague. School shirts tend to be white though so stain remover is your friend. If I know we are having anything tomato sauce based for dinner, I make Boo eat her tea in her vest to ensure no stains are too hard to get out. Some paints are another matter.

2. Bobbles. In our house, Boo and I share hair ties. We are the only two family members with long hair and I tend to bulk buy bobbles from Primark or the supermarket so we always have loads in. There comes a point, a couple of times a year though when I can’t find any two that match-think the sock fairy on a larger scale. No six year old can go to school with plaits and odd bobbles so back to school is a great opportunity to buy new.

3. Uniform. The obvious one really but I tend to make a note of everything we need new and only buy the shoes on the last minute because my little lady’s feet can grow in a fortnight so I want to make sure they are right at the start of term.

4. Diary or a calendar. I buy a calendar from school so that the term dates are already on. I find a diary is essential though to keep up to speed with extra curricular activities, clubs, parties and school trips. I don’t know how I will cope when all three are going to school. I might have to hire a secretary.

5. Change. Lunch money, snack money, trip money, tuck shop money. They always seem to need money for something when they are at school and there is always a fundraiser or six. I have a little bowl of money in the kitchen that I can transfer to Boo’s (clearly labelled) purse so that she never misses out.

What are your Back to School essentials?

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