5 Uses for Baler Twine


Ages ago I saw this meme on Facebook.

I do think it maybe funnier if you’re a farmer or, at least live on a farm.
I cannot tell you the many uses there are for baler twine. There are literally hundreds of uses.


I know some people even use it as a belt.

So, this week, I tool a little trip around our farm yard to find just 5 uses for baler twine.

Here they are:


1.As a washing line. This one has been up for a good few years and has survived gales, torrential rain and snow-much better than the rotary line we have had which actually blew away.


2.To keep gates closed. Animals are great at escaping. Sheep especially rub against things to scratch themselves which can make gates open. Any field or pen housing animals, has to be tied with baler twine.

3.A handle for the chicken coop. It seems silly but the string on the nail makes it much easier to open and close.


4.As a hanging toy for chickens. I quite often tie a lettuce, cabbage or cauluflower to some baler twine and hang it up for the girls (and boys).

5.A skipping rope. Sometimes kids need something new to plat with. A short length of bale twine makes a brilliant skiping rope. I have even been known to use it as a dog lead.


Like many of my lists, it is not exhaustive. I could add to the list every day. What’s your favourite use for baler twine?

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