A Halloween Treasure Hunt at the Farm

I toyed with calling this post ‘how to participate in Halloween when you have no neighbours’ because really, that is the reason for this activity.

I don’t agree with trick or treating anyway so I decided this year to turn it on its head. If you can have an Easter egg hunt, why not a Halloween Hunt?

I do think certain chocolate manufacturers have had the same idea though as creme eggs have made an appearance again this year (cleverly disguised in spooky foil).

I have been squirrelling little things away for a few weeks. Wind up toys, a seasonal book each, a little soft toy and obviously some sweets and chocolates.

As with Easter, any edibles can only be laid out immediately before the hunt due to the risk of a variety of animals getting there first.

With nights drawing in and half term, we decided to do our hunt the week before. We are strict with bedtimes at the farm (about the only thing we are strict with) and Boo only gets home from school at 4 so I thought it would be too dark and late on Halloween itself.

It did cross my mind though that if they do want to still dress up for Halloween, we would get more wear out of the outfits.

I bought an outfit for the dog and the goat and off we went. The dog refused to leave her bed such was the indignity of the outfit I had chosen so I relented and took it off her. The children had no choice.

It was a relatively inexpensive activity. Just a book each and a few other bits but they really enjoyed it. The farmer popped in while I raced around hiding things around the farm yard.

Much like Easter, it seems their ability to find things is still hit and miss-even when the items were right under their noses and said look at the floor but this made me amused so I am not complaining.

There was also the hilarious times when farm machinery was more exciting than the actual treasure but I think this is just part of the fun.

Despite probably not letting them trick or treat, even if we had neighbours, I would hate them to think they had missed out so I am pleased we did it and I imagine it will be an annual event.

Boo to you.


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