A-Z of Me

I’ve seen a few bloggers having a go at this so I thought I would have a go. This is the A-Z of me. It’s not a comprehensive list but a little snapshot.


A is for animals. I have always loved them. We have LOADS. Cows, sheep, dogs, chickens, cats, rabbits and a fish.

B is for babies. I admit it. I am obsessed with all things baby from having them, to watching programmes about having them, to lovingly looking around Mothercare and Mamas and Papas wishing I could buy more for them.

C is for chickens. We have chickens. I do like them but not so much when they peck. We’ve had a few chicken tragedies with foxes and I have learnt my lesson. Shut the coop. Every night.

D is for Disney. I loved Disney before Boo was born but having a girl is just an excuse and if they did the Disney Princess costumes for adults I would prance around the living room with her.

E is for epilepsy. A horrible, unknown condition that no one seems to have answers for. We’ve been living with epilepsy for two and a half years and even when the episodes stop, you’re still waiting for the next. I am making it my life’s work to bring education and acceptance to all about this taboo condition.

F is for farm. It’s where we live and work.

G is for Gerald my husband and hero (most of the time!) who puts up with me and my quirks and works so very hard every day of the year.

H is for hobby crafting. Knitting, sewing, baking. You name it, I’ve had a go and I dream of thinking of something magnificent that I can make a living from but it has so far alluded me.

I is for icing on cakes. I love baking and doing swirly butter cream icing on the top of lovely fairy cakes. I do sell cakes and have a five star food hygiene certificate from my local council so do ask if you would like any.

J is for journalism. It’s what I wanted to do from being a little girl (apart from a vet but I was no good at science when I was at school). I am very lucky to get paid for what I love doing.

K is for knitting. My most funny knit was last Christmas when I tried to knit Boo a Father Christmas. I think you will agree it is hilarious. Oh and I once sold knitted vegetables on ebay for 50p-not retiring just yet.



L is for Lizzi or Betty or Betty Boo or Bettina. Elizabeth my beautiful, amazing daughter who makes me proud every day and is my biggest inspiration.

M is for Minty our friendly lovable pet sheep.

N is for New York the most amazing place I have ever been to. I went first with my parents when I was 12 and then again when I was 21 and on a Work America programme, I vowed only to go back when I had at least £1000 to spend in Bloomingdales-hence me not returning so far, I fear the Bloomingdales spend would now be spend in FAO Schwarz anyway.

O is for obsession. I have a lot of them. Some are fleeting (sewing, floristry, chick hatching). Others seem to be sticking around (babies-see B, knitting, Tudor history)


P is for Pepsi max. I love love love it. My drink of choice used to be Diet Coke but I switched about three years ago and could drink it all day every day.

Q is for queens. A bit of an Obsession of mine. I used to read and watch all I could about Elizabeth I. I still love Tudor history but the recent TV adaptation of Phillipa Gregory’s the White Queen has given me a new Queen Elizabeth to obsess about. What amazing women in the most interesting eras.

R is for Rosie my faithful soul dog. Rosie and I were destined to be together. She is my shadow and I love her more than any other animal in the world. Ever.

S is for shoes. I’ve always loved them. When I got my first paid ‘proper’ job after uni, I would buy a pair of shoes at every pay day. Houses and children have since got in the way of my shoe love but I still appreciate a good pair. Thankfully Boo grows out of shoes so quickly, I am learning to live my shoe fetish through her.

T is for Twitter which I think is more addictive than Facebook. I am continually monitoring how many followers I have, who has stopped following me and I get very excited when famous people re-tweet my stuff or reply to Tweets.

U is for uterus. A similar story to B really. It has had luggage a good few times now but has, so, far, only provided me with Boo. Come on uterus be kind to us next time.

V is for vegetarian. I have been one since I was 11 save the odd drunken hot-dog or burger. I don’t know why I am any more to be honest-especially being married to a cow and sheep farmer but I just can’t stomach the thought of it.


W is for writing. It is what I enjoy. Creative, informative even silly writing. I can’t add up or do many things mathematical so I think writing is my brain’s compensation.

X is for Xmas my most favourite time of the year. I have been known to peak too soon with the Christmas songs and decorations. I can’t get enough. I love the tacky, the bright and the glitter. Deck the Halls.

Y is for yo-yo dieting. Throughout my adult life I have been fat, thin, slim, plump and everything in between. I have a constant battle (currently on the way down hopefully than up). I think it is just the way I am. I only have to look at food to gain half a stone yet it takes me months to lose just one. Not fair.

Z is for zoo. What my husband thinks the farm is becoming because of my inability to say no to homeless animals.


So there you go, that’s me. A snap shot of what it is like to be in Emma’s World. Scary place? Why not do your own A-Z and let me know what floats your boat.


*Please note this was first published yesterday but a few people had problems with the link so here it is again 😉


  1. Awww this had me proper smiling Emma. It’s so honest and sweet. BOOOO to yo-yo dieting (I hear you!) and I love your little knitted Santa ha ha 🙂 Tudor history is great – Love Elizabeth I 🙂 x

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