1. Your experiences were very similar to mine. The first 5 years were hell. Everyday was a battle with the bullies… I just wanted the floor to swallow me up. Then years later they too try and add me as a friend on Facebook! What is that all about? At school the bullies thought they were king pin… In the real world, they are the same as everyone else… They can’t exercise the same control over people in the real world!

  2. I am so glad you’re not going, so many people feel they should go even when they don’t want. A girl I worked with went to school with my friend, I said we should have a get together, my friend said “yes lets, and I can tell her what a bully she was in High school” we didn’t arrange it & I never felt the same about that work colleague again. x

  3. I was really lucky to actually enjoy school and the people that were there (I left nearly 10 years ago now *sobs*) but I don’t think I’d like to go to a reunion. The problem is, when I left school, I grew up and not many other people in my group of friends did. They’re still very cliquey, still bitch about people and gossip like 14 year old girls, and quite honestly I don’t have time for people like that anymore. I’m not happy that I’m 27 this year, but I’m happy I can act my age. The best years of my life are now, with my two boys and hubby to be. High school years may be easier than adulthood, but I know which I’d prefer out of the two xx

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