1. What a sad situation. I remember when we had chickens our neighbour’s dog got into our garden and chased them off, killing one. The other 2 were found in hedges finally. We were so shocked and upset by losing one I can’t imagine how you felt losing so many. We’d only had them for a week and were being so vigilant at dusk about shutting them in. In the end we had them for a year and never lost another one through vigilance and a bit of luck! #MyFirstBlogPost

  2. I had no idea that Foxes would go to such lengths. That must have been a horrible experience, and to lose so many at one time 🙁 #MyFirstBlogPost

  3. I have to admit to leaving my hen house open the odd night and, fingers crossed, I have not had a fox attack. We have lost a few chickens to M Renard when they have refused to come in at night but nothing on this horrible scale. We possibly have less foxes where we are in France although in a few months time I must be extra vigilant when the young cubs start out on their own and see hens as an easier meal than a wild rabbit and more filling than a worm or berries. Thank you so much for joining in with #MyFirstBlogPost and I am pleasantly surprised what a great variety of posts I am reading!

    PS – you should add this one to #AnimalTales too 🙂

  4. How how horrible, but glad you shared it as your first post.
    We only ever lost one of our chickens, that was to a neighbouring farm dog ( I say neighbouring their farm was over a mile away) when the 2 dogs escaped and came down here, hubby and daughter actually found the 2 dogs in our kitchen. We also had one squashed by a tractor, surprised that was only 1 I have to say.
    It was weird we use to watch the fox and the cubs playing from our living room window and our chickens free ranged all over the farm and yet we never lost a 1 to a fox.
    over from my first blog post

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