Christmas tat deception

Christmas. The season on good will to all men and deception of your husband.

Oh yes. I am already trying to get away with buying (more) Christmas tat.

Without wanting to bore you to tears, I to a discount warehouse near where we live for things like toilet roll and kitchen roll.

It is really cheap and I stock up on things like shampoo and toothpaste too.

I told Hubster I was going after I dropped Boo off at nursery this morning and his last words to me were: ‘Don’t be buying any Christmas rubbish.’ To be honest, he used a stronger word than rubbish but for the sake of your ears and eyes, I will not repeat it but it rhymed with bright.

I giggled and said you know me so well.

You see after last years mouse-gate with our Christmas decorations, I feel like we are below what we had before. Coupled with that, we are now living in a bigger house which is just begging for my Christmasication.

Think grotto.

So I did intend to try not to buy too much Christmas tat but there was so much of it and it was so cheap. Surely it would have been rude not too?

I joked with the lady on the checkout about Hubster’s last words to me and asked if she thought I’d get away with it.

She said she didn’t think so.

photo (2)

Thankfully, living where Hubster works does not usually work in my favour as, if he sees me with shopping in the boot he tends to help bring it in.

Today he didn’t.


I managed to get the bulk of the Christmas stuff safely upstairs in our wardrobe before he saw.

Surely I’ll get away with ‘we had this last year’ when it is time to get the decorations out?

That’s my plan and I’m sticking to it.


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