Cool Christmas Gift Ideas Most Tweens Will Like

Christmas is nearly here. Well, not quite. But, it is closer than you think. Before you know it, you will be tearing around the shops in a blind panic trying to buy everything at the last minute.

Fortunately, avoiding getting into this situation is not hard. You just need to start your Christmas shopping now and do it gradually. To help you to do that, I have put together this tween gift idea post.

Music related gifts

Virtually everyone, including tweens, loves their music. So anything music related has the potential to make a great gift for them. It is wise to resist the temptation to buy them a specific album. At this age their musical tastes seem to change on an almost weekly basis, so it is easy to end up inadvertently disappointing them. It is much better to buy them a voucher or the hardware they need to be able to enjoy their music anywhere.

But, you really cannot go wrong with something like a music pillow that you can buy here. Any Tween will love being able to lie in bed listening to whatever they want without disturbing the rest of the family. They are likely to carry on using this particular gift for many years to come.

A Journal

Studies show that keeping a journal is very good for Tweens. Writing things down helps them to process what is happening in their lives and cope better with the many changes they are going through. The idea of keeping an offline journal seems to appeal to many tweens. So, you could buy them a personalised notebook or journal. Something with a fun or funny cover would be best. If they do not actually use it to keep a diary, don’t worry the chances are they will use it for something.

A portable charger

Tweens love their gadgets. For them running out of battery is a disaster, so a portable charger or power pack is a great idea. If you are going on a long trip just remember to check that it is charged the night before and make sure that it actually makes it to the car. 


At this age most boys and girls are becoming far more interested in their appearance. They want to look their best. So, if they have favourite personal care products that you can rarely afford to buy, give them some for Christmas.  

Stocking filler ideas

It is always nice to give them lots of little gifts. If you do not already have one consider buying a Christmas stocking or Santa sack with their name on it and fill it with lots of little treats. Retro sweets, charger plug stickers, festive fingernails, a key ring speaker, handmade bracelets and vouchers are all great for this.

The above are just a few ideas. Of course, if your tween has expressed an interest in a specific present it is best to buy them that rather than one of the items I have mentioned above. At this age, their personalities are just starting to really develop. So, if you can indulge then and feed their interests you should definitely go ahead and do so. 


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