Dr Brown’s Baby Bottles-A Review



When I was pregnant with Boo, someone recommended that I should get Dr Brown’s bottles.

There are so many different brands to choose from, I was actually glad I didn’t have to stand before the bottle displays in the shops, scratching my head.

Compared to other bottles, I did feel they were a bit intimidating to the new mum that I was. Purely because of what comes with them.

However, with my handy guide, you will be a Dr Brown’s expert in no time.

You can get a variety of different sets-the starter pack has two 4 oz bottles (120ml); 1 8oz bottle (240ml) and levels 1,2 and 3 teats.

Now I remember another friend telling me not to bother with small bottles when I had Boo as they are used for such a short time. Obviously, as a first time mum, I didn’t listen but I would now recommend that you do just go straight to the 8oz bottles from the start.

The Dr Brown’s 8 oz bottles can be bought singularly or in packs of two or four.

They come in the original clear, pink or blue and they sometimes do limited edition colours like lilac.

I am showing you a two bottle set so when you open the box, this is what you will get:


Two bottles

Two level one teats

Two Internal vents

Two discs for feeding on the move

Two bottle lids

One Vent brush.

Once sterilised, the internal vent takes milk to the teat and, according to research, helps reduce colic.

Boo did get colic but, compared to other babies, it was much, much better.

Baby G did not get colic at all. I would call that a success.

When you are out and a bout, the discs prevent the milk from leaking but do remember to take the disc off before giving to your baby. I have had one frustrated baby when trying to suck milk and getting none out. Oops.


Milk, especially formula, can also get stuck down the vent and this is where the special Dr Brown’s vent brush is used.

I cannot recommend Dr Brown’s bottles enough. They certainly do what they say they will and, once you start using them, you will realise they are not complicated at all.

They are a tall bottle so will not fit all sterilisers. You can get a Dr Brown’s steriliser but someone gave me a Tommee Tippee microwavable sterilser so I didn’t really want to buy another and they do fit in there.

When I was pregnant with Baby G, I won a Milton cold or microwavable steriliser but they will not fit in there.

The only grievance I have with Dr Brown’s is I wish they did a version bigger than 240mls.

Baby G has been a hungry baby since he was born and he is currently on 9oz which is supposedly too big a volume for my Dr Brown’s bottles (there is a warning at about 8 ½ oz- saying do not fill past this line). I think it is because they are more likely to leak if they are over-filled.

I will admit that, at the moment, we are managing to fit the 9ozs into the 8oz bottle but, at 15 weeks, I feel like we have a way to go until I will happily wean G so I just wish Dr Brown’s went up to 10 or 11 ounces.

The lack of colic however is the main thing for me and for that I am ever so thankful and cannot recommend Dr brown’s enough.

*We were sent a double pack of Dr Brown’s bottles for the purpose of this review but I have used them with both of my children and all opinions are my own.

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