Elf on the Shelf-preparations, farm-style

Last year I was in awe at the effort that went into many people’s Elf on the Shelf.
So this year, I got us one.
Well actually, in true Emma style, I got two a ‘real’ elf off eBay and another one from Sainsburys.

For the last month I have been trying to come up with original poses Elfy can get up to in the run up to Christmas.
I haven’t been able to think of anything original.
I even set up a Pinterest board for ideas.

I came to the conclusion that my poor imagination was due to the fact the elves were hidden away and, if I let them out of their boxes, they might inspire me themselves.

So while Boo was at nursery one day this week I took Elfy 2 around the farm to see what happened.


Hubster’s car was the first thing I saw.


Then the straw bale.


A poor horse was next but she didn’t seem to mind.


A festive looking holly bush came next.


Poor, poor Minty was last. He didn’t seem so impressed with posing but he did, the little love.

So there you go. I am no where nearer to inspiration and I have decided to do one Elf visit a week in the run up to Christmas rather than every day.

If you have any ideas, I would be glad of the help.

Will you be participating in Elf on the Shelf?


  1. Love this tradition! Our elf is going to be very mischievous and swap advent calendars around, leave biscuit crumbs when he’s caught in the barrel and sit on a few cars and trains around the house! #ChristmasCountdown

  2. Well done Emma, Elf in the straw bale & with Minty must be original. Having a teen we’re not doing Elf so I am doing Scary Fairy! Will tweet a pic this week.

  3. We love our elf and are really looking forward to seeing him again next week. The poses the elves do don’t have to be original, my children just love running around the house trying to find him every morning, often finding him playing with their toys.
    Good luck. x

  4. I like Karen’s idea of hiding the elf and I’m sure that once you start you will find lots of places to sit them. Last year I cut out tiny black footprints for our little men and some mornings my daughter followed them. You could also make flour footprints and have them bake or make muddy footprints for out in the garden (now I’m getting carried away!). Have fun. Hopefully you’ll be posting some pics 🙂

  5. I have to admit I have no imagination for this either, which is why, much as I love seeing all the other creative people’s posts about it, we aren’t doing any elf on the shelf activities here! Good luck coming up with some things, I think the weekly rather Tha daily idea could be a winner!! Xx #tinseltuesdays

  6. Aww we love our elf… so much so I think our new elf in training is the same one you have from Sainsbury’s… I love the real ones but at the price they want… I had to say no. Ours is getting up to stuff everyday, and I have it all planned out, so out of my head, but most ideas found on good old google and pinterest. The first thing they are doing is our north pole breakfast on Sunday. My post this week is actually all about it on #tinseltuesday

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