Farm Life February 2019

I always think the last month has been quiet until I go and look at the photos. In many ways I suppose it was quiet but the blanket covering of snow certainly kept us on our toes for a few days.

When it snows, all of the animals need a little bit extra. You have to check for frozen water pipes and troughs so that they have access to fresh water and we always give extra food.

Sheep especially, have their main food source (grass) removed when it snows. We made a snowman in one of our fields where there are two sheep. They followed us round as we rolled up the snow, eating the grass that was revealed underneath.

It did look beautiful though and I took full advantage with my camera.

I am in the process of borrowing Stud Muffin the billy goat who I sold last year so that my two nannies might bring us kids later in the year but he hasn’t arrived yet.

Machinery wise, a new bale wrapper has been purchased. It is used to wrap haylege as that needs to be kept dry and allow the moisture to be kept in. Even though it won’t be used until the summer, the farmer often looks around at machinery at this time of year as he has time to access it and see if anything needs fixing or replacing.

I took the children to Beeston Auction on the Monday of half term to the feather and fur sale and three ducks were purchased.

A large (hopefully) fox proof area has been built for me and all I can think about is filling it.

After successfully digging out most of the vegetable patch, the plan has hit a bit of a snag which I will write about again so I think it is back to the drawing board with that for a while and I think I might have to think of somewhere else for it.

Between now and my next Farm Life post, the talk will be of lambing. We usually start at the end of March so preparations will probably be in full swing this time next month.

We have been experiencing a very mild and dry February and the farmer is thinking ahead should a repeat of summer 2018 occur. While dry weather is great for getting outside, crops and grass need rain to flourish and we are constantly looking to the skies and the weather forecast.

You know me, hopefully by next month, my new enclosure will be full of animals. Let’s see.

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