Five Ways You Can Plan for Christmas in November


You may think Christmas is ages off but we only have seven more Fridays until the big day.

In my eyes, it is never too early to plan so here are five ideas that you can do now to get ready for Christmas.

1.Make a list. This is my favourite thing to do. Make all the lists. People you need to buy for, how many people you are having over for occasions, food you need, drink you need. Lists are your friend when it comes to Christmas.

2.Think about orders-food shop, slots for home delivery. Make sure you get organised early here as online delivery slots get booked up really quickly.

3.Clear out cupboards so you have enough storage space for the extra treats you will buy.

4.Have a purge of the kids clothes and toys and take to the charity shop in preparation for the deluge that will hit your home on December 25th.

5.Stock up on non-perishables each week so the Christmas shop doesn’t require a bank loan. Booze is on offer in many supermarkets now so, as long as you can trust yourself not to drink it between now and Christmas, you will be quids in.

What do you do to prepare for the festive season?


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