House of Fraser Children’s Wear-A Review



In my other life, the one where I am not on maternity leave, I work in central Manchester, right near Kendals (House of Fraser) and I have spent many a rainy lunch time trawling the delicious perfumes and women’s clothes.

Despite buying a few tops from their Therapy range and some items from the concessions available there, I am not going to lie, I over looked the children’s wear department.

Only because I presumed it would be too expensive for the amount of time kids are in their clothing.

All I can say is, I was wrong.

Like their adult neighbours, House of Fraser do a great range of affordable children’s wear and Boo has really missed out.

I was invited to choose a piece from their website for review purposes and it took me a good two evenings of research to choose something-simply because of the choice available.

I also had the quandary of whether to just get something for Boo or get something for the new baby too.

As we didn’t find out the sex of the new baby, I decided to opt for a little Spring number for Boo.

It is around this time of year every year, that I wistfully pine for Spring. Like I peak for Christmas in mid-October, so Spring comes to me in mid to late January**.

Snow might still be forecast for a good couple of months yet but come on, we have lived through Winter long enough now, let’s throw out the jumpers and wear something pastel.

It was with this in mind that I picked out this little beauty.


It is by Yumi, a brand I had never heard of but who I will be definitely checking out in the future.


A beautiful pastel turquoise, chiffon-type crepe dress complete with summery parrots and palm trees. Just what is needed to lift your winter spirits and plunge you straight into a scorching, hot Summer.


When it arrived (beautifully packaged), it was one of those pieces that I wished came in adult sizes.

For £30, the attention to detail was very impressive. Fully lined and with a delightful opal-esque button to the back of the neck, I contemplated trying to squeeze my heavily pregnant self into the dress.


Thankfully, I remembered the label said 5-6 and Boo became the rightful model.

I am so pleased with the Yumi dress and even more so with House of Fraser’s children’s wear.

Do not let preconceptions keep you away from certain shops. For every premium item available there, a further five pieces of affordable clothing will be willing itself into your shopping basket.


House of Fraser will definitely be one of the first places I look now for children’s wear. I just wish I had looked sooner. Just think about all the lovely clothing Boo has missed out on.

*I was sent the lovely dress for review purposed but all opinions and silly-season jumping is my own.

**Roll on summer.


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