Impulsive pet buying (again)



I am one of those people who thinks about something and goes and does it. I get a bee in my bonnet and research quickly.

It is on the verge of impulse buying.

On Friday night I asked my husband if we could get a pig. He said no. Then it went to another dog. Again he said no.

So then I decided on a rabbit-I didn’t ask him, it won’t impact him, although I did have to get him to move the hutch we had.

So we visited a couple of pet shops yesterday but I wanted a lop eared bunny and no one had them.

When we got home, it only took a few minutes of browsing on preloved and a few phone calls and in just 24 hours we had our new pet.

It could have been worse. I could have been making a makeshift sty yesterday instead of making a little hutch comfortable.

The little bunny is so cute. I checked her 4 times with the torch last night. I made out she was for my toddler and obviously Elizabeth will stroke her, but here I admit it, she is for me too 🙂

So now we have one dog in the house, 2 farm dogs, a fish, a sheep, chickens, a rabbit, countless ferral cats and all the farm animals.

My (personal) petting zoo is coming together!!


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