1. I like any craft that comes in a kit with everything I need!! Usually I start something then realise I don’t have all the things for it. This would be just what I need and I’m sure the boys would love them xx

  2. I was intrigued, so read your posteoporosis about Halloween. I was prepared to be disappointed with it being full of comments about paganism, but that was only briefly mentioned and, in fact, it was great to read the same views as I have. I do not like the begging aspect either and will not let DS1 go Trick or treating. I hate feeling like a prisoner in my own home though, and am very glad we are away this year. We sometimes gives treats to our neighbours’ children, but that is it. I do, however, let DS1 do Halloween crafts and would allow him to go to a Halloween party, as I would rather he saw the silly side of it all rather than linking negative connotations that he might be more intrigued about than we intend in the future. After all, it is All Hallows Eve, and is followed by a Saints’ Day (and it was my grandfather’s birthday), so I suppose I am trying to say that I want him to have a balanced impression. But he is not going begging no matter what!

    BTW, I also was not allowed out when I was a child, even though it was just beginning to take off then. For the same reasons, in fact!

    Love the pots. I may have to make a visit to BR – they have too much tempting stuff.

    And I love your blog!

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