My review of Lush lipstain thanks to #nwblpool

I love make up. Always have.

When I was about four, my mum gave me a little bag with a clasp (how grown up did I feel?) with some of her own make up to play with because I loved it so much. As a punishment one time when I was bad, she threw said bag away. I still feel that pain now.

Fast forward to being a mother myself and little Boo is a bit of a make up fan but at only three, she has beaten me by a year. Most soft toys have a smear of eye shadow on them. The poor dog has had blusher brushed on and some of my walls have been painted with lip gloss but hey, it’s all a learning curve.

I was lucky enough to get a ticket for Northwest Bloggers beauty blogging event last Sunday which was held at the very swanky Hard Days Night Hotel in Liverpool.

It was a great day with lots of brands and a rather impressive goody bag.

Since becoming a mum, my make up habits have changed. Instead of taking my time applying lots of different products, I try and apply my slap in record breaking time without little fingers getting hold of my best bronzer.

So when I saw Lush at the #nwblpool event, I was pleasantly surprised. While they still do see many of their traditional line like fruity-smelling bath bombs and creams and potions that wouldn’t look out of place in my kitchen cupboards, they now also sell makeup.

I think I was one of the first people to approach the lovely Jen Hunter who won make up specialist of the year at the pro beauty awards and works for Lush.

She was so nice. Despite me probably being the oldest and fattest person there, Jen made me feel very special and let me have a go of the Lush wheel of destiny (I’ve called it that as I wasn’t sure of its official title-but it has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?).


I had to close my eyes and spin the wheel and then, without thinking about it, pick three colours.

I choose a pale blue which is unlike me as, if I had thought about it I wouldn’t have chosen-I’m more of a pink kinda gal), a coral and a shimmery pinky-gold. Every colour in the wheel represented a state of mind so my three represented calm, believe and charm. I’m not sure whether I am that calm (I think Hubster would say not) but I was quite impressed with believe and charm.


Jen applied the believe lip stain with a brush and, if I do say so myself, made me look semi-decent.

I was therefore delighted to find a Lush lip stain in the goodie bag we received from the event.


It was in the believe shade which is a reddy, pinky, coral. One of my favourite colours and I have tested it’s longevity today.

As a busy mum and farmer’s wife, I need make up that will look and stay good from dawn until dusk and sometimes beyond.


I applied the stain at 6.30 am this morning, just as I was getting dressed for work I cropped the image-who wants to be photographed at 6.30am?

Between 6.30 and 8.30, I drove to work, drinking water in the car and coffee when I arrived at the office.


I then had cereal for breakfast and drank more liquids during the morning as well as speaking (a lot) in the office.


I was going to stop the experiment before lunch but on inspection, the lip stain was still there so I ate a sandwich for lunch too.

This is what it looked like at 2pm.


That is a full seven and a half hours since I applied it I’d eaten two meals and countless drinks. Don’t I look profesh at my desk?!

I think you’ll agree, this product has staying power.

What busy woman has time to reapply make-up throughout the day?

The fact is, if you use Lush lip stain, you won’t have to.

I wholeheartedly recommend it.


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