1. teehee… The best and easiest birth story ever…. Sounds very close to my 2nd labour after a horrible first. S wanted out in phones4u in Trafford centre, just as daddy was about to sign on dotted line. Made it to nearest hospital, not mine. Got told off but checked, husband parked the car and almost missed the birth. Within 10 minutes at hospital she was out. Discharged after 6 hours despite a few stitches, so I hope your 2nd goes as close to your abridged version, it really could happen. X

  2. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could birth like that? I hope your upcoming labour is closer to your fantasy birth than the reality x #sharewithme

  3. Ahhh absolutely amazing Emma. I love it! So glad it went so well and yes do sit in a mercedes or porsche garage just in case! I love that you have babies like me. They say if the first comes like that usually the second does too. Both of mine were born in three squeeze and under 45 minutes from the time I woke up to holding them and back home. I often wonder where are all the amazing birth stories like ours not the four days four week ones that leave us traumatized. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  4. Love it. Would be great if all births were like that (although maybe the UK would end up even more heavily populated with even more women liking the idea of going through a great birth!

    Mine was relatively easy, purely because after 13 hours on a drip after my waters broke, nothing more was happening, so ended up in the least like an emergency c section as it could be.

    Hope your next birth is more like the good version

  5. Bless you. I’ve written all 4 of my birth stories now and each time I’ve found it cathartic. And I assumed nobody would want to know about my son’s birth since it was so horrific.It turned out that people were so supportive and I’ve made some really fab friends since. I’m here to listen if you want to talk, and sending lots of love for your impending birth too x x x x

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