Old pram blues and a bit of a spruce up

I really, really, really want a new pram for this baby.

photo 2

The pram with its first resident

Thinking about are old pram, it just seemed old-fashioned now. Even Mamas and Papas have stopped making them like this and everyone seems to have these high up type prams that look really cool.

When I was pregnant with Boo, I was working full time and, I think with your first baby you want everything-whether you need it or not.

When I choose the pram, I didn’t even look at any others or test drive it. I just wanted the spots.

photo 1

haha check out the Pepsi Max in the bottle holder some things never change

Since the 12 week scan of this pregnancy, despite being over the moon about the possibility of a new baby, I have secretly sulked about not being able to get a new pram.

I then decided to spruce up the one I had.

photo 3

I pressure washed the wheels, washed the shopping basket and took all the fabric off it and washed that too.

I have been waiting for Boo to go back to nursery to have a go at putting it all back together (I was not looking forward to that bit.

However, apart from a ten minute struggle, trying to work out how the shopping basket went back on, I put it all back together.

I enjoyed doing it.

photo 4

Seeing as Hubster won’t even talk about the nursery (he said at the end of summer-surely that’s now?)

Playing with the pram gave me something to think about that was baby-related and not worrying whether bump is still ok (I can’t help it).

Do you know what? I fell back in love with my pram. It is comfortable for the baby, it is sturdy and, despite it being nearly four years old, I still love the polka dots.

Obviously if it is a boy I will take the rose off.

I am a bit funny with superstitions and wouldn’t have had a new pram in the house. However seeing as this one was already in the house, I have been able to play to my hearts content.

I am thinking of putting it in wrappers though as a little someone is determined to put ‘minging Minnie’ into my nice clean pram grrr.

It just goes to show you, with a bit of TLC, you don’t have to rush out to buy new…


  1. aww Emma i love this .. i had the Mamas and Papas switch in denim as my first pram with Joshua and loved it!

    I cant wait to see your new bundle in there xx

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments (sorry im late getting round)

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