1. Oh how exciting. I understand how lovely it is to get a second dog. We adopted Casper our second dog in November and the best thing ever. Good luck and I’m happy for you having 2 lovely dogs now. They make life more joyful! Angela from Daysinbed

  2. Me too!! Love babies and puppies that is ha! Oh Ruby is the cutest little thing and I love how Rosie has taken to her – so sweet! I too dreamed of a black lab puppy for a significant birthday sometime ago and himself said no, then fast forward a couple of years and our eldest asked for one for her birthday, we now have a black lab ha! Daddy’s girls hey! A lovely post xx

    • farmerswifeandmummy

      Aww that is lovely. I love the energy of terriers but you can’t beat the loyalty of black labs. Yay for getting one πŸ™‚

  3. Awwww, Ruby is gorgeous – but then I am a sucker for hairy terriers (My parents had a Lakeland x Border). I am so glad you got your way and Rosie is happy with the new addition. Our boys would love another dog but after the loss of Poppy and Harry within 7 months of each other I am not sure I am ready just yet. Saari has canine friends who come and stay when their owners are away and we are pushing the fact that the gite welcomes dogs so hopefully she’ll get some pals that way. She doesn’t seem sad to be alone but then who really knows what goes on inside a dog’s head.
    Many thanks for introducing Ruby to #AnimalTales πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Emma, I love that last photo of you with the dogs. Ruby trying to get in there whilst Rosie is distracted by the camera, a clever little dog.

    I think that that bringing a young dog into the fold does rejuvenate the older dogs. We have four dogs ranging from three years old to twelve and the older dog still has moments of playfulness. Yesterday she was dangling one of the dogs ropes for the little dogs to pull on, it was cute.

    I hope Ruby and Rosie live long and happy lives with you.


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