Park Life-a lesson in parenting

I felt a bit guilty yesterday as I took Boo to our local park.
Now usually, this would not make a parent feel bad but, I felt awful because we haven’t been for ages.
You see at home, we have a swing, slide and a see-saw so I always think there’s no point taking her to the park because we’ve got all the equipment here.
Her little face at the park though.
She had a great time.

She is not a big fan of the slide but enjoyed walking up and down the steps.
Minnie obviously came with us and was pushed around in the toy buggy and then, had a go on the see-saw which Boo thought was hilarious.


Then there was a roundabout thing which brought great hilarity when Boo realised she could run around it while she pushed.


Not to mention just running around in the safety of an enclosed area where she was not in danger of being run over by cars or tractors.


All in all, she had a great time and I have learnt my lesson. While home-park equipment is great. Nothing beats going to a real park for interaction with other children and, if nothing else, a change of scenery.

We will be visiting the park much more from now on.


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  1. My mum gave me this advice when my first was born and I am so grateful as over the years we have had so much fun at different parks. As she said it’s not only good for the children but good for you too- nothing like a change of scene and some fresh air to put things in perspective.

  2. Lovely photos of Boo having a wonderful time at the park. It’s nice to have a change of scenery and explore new equipment and hopefully make some friends too. Thanks for linking up and sharing your park fun with Country Kids.

  3. My son is on my lap while I am typing this and he wont let me finish cuz he is asking if we can go to a playground. We definitely will! Cuz you are right when you say nothing beats the outdoors =) #countrykids

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