Reflecting on Christmas Past

This week I read a lovely post by Rachel Swirl about previous Christmases.

Christmas is such a special time for little ones that I thought I would copy use her idea and look back at our first Christmases.

With Boo and G both having January birthdays, they were 11 months and almost 11 months when their first Christmas came around.


Boo’s first Christmas in 2011 seems such a long time ago. So much has happened since then. We didn’t live at the farm then and our wedding was booked for five days later but Christmas that year was still lovely.

I think it was an early start-between 7 and 8am which is hilarious because, compared to now, that seems like a lie in.

As we didn’t live on the farm and Hubster still had cattle at that point I think he only watched Boo open a few presents before he had to head off to work.

I cooked Christmas dinner that year so that Boo could enjoy her new toys but I only cooked for us and my parents so it wasn’t too bad.

Having gone back to work when Boo was six months old, I was riddled with guilt and I think I channelled my guilt into buying her far too many toys.


At 11 months, she honestly wouldn’t have known if hadn’t bought her anything and I think even Hubster was shocked at the amount of things she got.

Not least because I don’t think I even thought about where it would all go after Christmas.

It was a lovely first Christmas though and, I suppose if you can’t treat your children at Christmas, when can you? With her mid-January first birthday a few weeks after though, I don’t think I bought her much for that.

Fast forward to last year for G’s first Christmas. I haven’t totally learnt my lesson about buying too much but I am much better than I was and, at least I now have a toy sort out before the big day so there is room to actually sit in the living room.


For G’s first Christmas, we were living at the farm so Hubster saw a lot more than he had when Boo was a baby. He still had to do jobs but there was no travelling time and we could see Daddy from the living room window.


I cooked again last year but for nine this time which went much better than I expected. Especially when I had just served up the dinner and someone asked if I would like a glass of wine. Oh that wine tasted lovely.


I love Christmas but, since having children, it is through them that I love it more.


Seeing their little faces on Christmas morning. Watching Boo in her Nativity play.


It is these things that make me realise how lucky we are.

Hopefully this time next year we will be preparing to celebrate another first Christmas but for now, we will be enjoying 2016, apart from the wine for me.


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