Risley Moss Easter Egg Hunt



Today was one of those mornings when I could have just stuck Peppa
Pig on the TV and snoozed.

I’d been up with Beb in the night, Boo was up early and we’re lambing.

I looked at Boo’s little face though and, after the terrible weather we’ve had, I knew I had to take her out.


The next village along was holding an Easter egg hunt so, after feeding Beb and undertaking the marathon of getting us all ready, we ventured out.

I’d never been to Risley Moss nature reserve before, despite it’s proximity to the farm and we did get a bit lost (it’s in Birchwood/Gorse Covert NOT Risley-who knew?).

We arrived and paid £1.50 and got a sheet to tick off the egg clues and get a letter to unscramble a word at the end.

There were Minion clues, Olaf from a Frozen and a Minnie Mouse which was obviously Boo’s favourite.


Half way round, we stopped at a craft area where Boo decorated a foam egg which she was very proud of.

We carried on to the end and tried to decipher the anagram. Unfortunately the lack of sleep made this English graduate unable to work out the word but we posted our entry into one of two post boxes to win either a black or a pink scooter. Fingers Crossed.


There was a cafe and face painting at the beginning/end but we had to get back to make Hubster’s lunch as he is so busy on the farm.

The moral of the story is that if we had stayed at home, Boo would have probably have had 17 melt downs in that time because, quite rightly, she would have been bored.

At one point, as she was running around she turned to me and said: ‘how exciting mummy.’ My heart melted and I knew I had made the right decision. Beb got some fresh air too after the weeks of being stranded in doors.


For £1.50* it really was a really well organised event. I heard the pre-school staff who ran the event also had an elf hunt at Christmas so I really hope they do it again this year.

Risley Moss is lovely and we will definitely be going back.

*It would have only cost £1.50 had Boo not set her heart on the cute knitted egg cosy.


As such, I spent a further £5 as I felt so guilty about not doing as much with her since the baby was born.

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