Siblings, February 2018

What a month it has been. Since the last siblings post, we have celebrated a seventh and a third birthday.

Boo’s birthday was first and I arranged for an ice cream man to come to the farm. The big two were delighted with this and scurried in from the cold with their bounties and refused to share with anyone-quite right too.

Ten days after that, it was G’s turn to have a birthday and, as his favourite book is still Stickman, I made him a Stickman cake and with balloons and candles, great fun was had by all.

Both of their birthdays seemed to linger on for a week as they both enjoyed blowing candles out that were stuck into most meals. We all know ‘Happy Birthday’ off by heart now.

The baby (who has to wait a couple more weeks for him birthday) has really come on in the last month.

He is much more likely to bat his big brother out of the way now if he tries to attack him but not only that, all three of them play together on the floor with small world people or cars.

The big two read to their baby brother too which is lovely and I am much more able to go and make a drink without the risk of coming back to a crying baby.

When Boo is at school, G chats aways to ‘baby’ all the time. Granted, some of it is pretend discipline: “naughty baby, mummy’s going to go mad,” and similar but G tells him all about his toys and animals, tractors, dinousaurs-basically anything he is thinking and the baby just sits there and drinks it all in.

I took the boys to Knowsley Safari Park one day and we had a lovely time until a baboon jumped on my car, pulled something off and has basically scarred G for life. He still goes on about the naughty money which frightened him but thankfuly, his soft toy monkeys are still firm favourites so I am not sure he has got the similarity there.

With the baby getting more active, housework is becoming more and more impossible. Even a simple task like putting clothes on an airer is fraught with danger. Baby J can pull them over or find something he shoudn’t in the bathroom.

The only thing for it? I put him in the bath. Not one to miss out on a new play area, G gets in with him. Likewise the playpen (which G calls the cage) is a place where they both hang out until G gets fed up and makes a break for freedom.

We have a window sill in our living room which is, by far, the most popular surface in the house. I always laugh to myself at night when I go to feed the animals and see a T-rex silhouetted against the window.

I have a photo similar to this one of G when he was dying to be able to see over the ledge and what his sister was doing. J is not quite there yet. He can reach his hand up and bat anything he wants off the ledge but I just know, he is so looking forward to being able to see up there.

I cannot believe that this time next month I will have a 7,3 and one year old.

I hope turning 12 months will mean a little more sleep at the farm but I am not holding out much hope.

I wonder what mischief my three will get up to in the next month?

One thing is for sure. It’s not getting any easier to photograph my trio.


  1. Awww lovely, it’s fab that the three of them all play together so well. It sounds like they’ve had fun birthdays, I hope baby has a good one too – as much as you can at one!

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