Siblings, March 2020

We have had a lovely month. The weather during half term was dismal but it did not stop our fun one bit.

We began the week at Junior Farmers where the children learnt about growing strawberries and planted a strawberry plant each to bring home which was lovely. Definitley something to look forward to in the summer.

Fun on the farm was also enjoyed including ice cream and ice lolly eating which I found hilarious considering the freezing weather.

We finished off half term with a trip to the theatre to see Sooty. My eldest has been a big fan for years after I found old DVDs of the Matthew Corbett era and then we moved on to the new presenter, Richard. It really was a fantastic show.

The next week we had Shrove Tuesday which the children were really excited about and the farmer’s birthday who they helped blow out the candles.

Finally, at the beginning of March, the baby turned three. I say finally because, since his sister’s birthday in the middle of January, he has been asking when his birthday is and became most distressed when he had to endure his brother and daddy’s birthdays before his.

Due to me stupidly getting both boys the same toy for my eldest son’s birthday, they both had to have one for the baby’s birthday. In my mind it solved any arguments but it did become a little expensive so I will not be doing it next year.

At least they both have an array of outdoor vehicles now to keep them amused.

World Book Day was up next. My eldest loves Minnie Mouse so that decision was easy. The eldest by wanted to go as the big bad wolf so I ended up buying his costume off the internet. He will wear it again so I didn’t mind. The youngest has loved Batman for ages so my mum had bought him a Batman outfit for his birthday which was earlier that week. A couple of weeks before I asked him what he wanted to dress up as. “Hulk,” he said. Oh dear.

Knowing about the Batman outfit, I coached him for that fortnight about how amazing he would look in a Batman outfit and I thought I was winning until the week before when he said he wanted to go as the Gingerbread Man.

Disaster was averted though and he eventually did dress up as Batman and everyone was happy. Indeed when they got up that morning and I told them it was World Book Day, they were so excited, you would have thought it was Christmas.

My little trio keep me on my toes and make life so much fun. Here’s to a month of Easter and lambing preparation.

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