Siblings, May 2019

What a busy month it has been for the three siblings. The weather has been beautiful for most of it.

We started the month with another Junior Farmers session at Kenyon Hall Farm where the children had a busman’s holiday learning about chickens and eggs. They do enjoy it though and it is actually nice to see other people’s hens.

Easter was next and we had a fabulous time with an Easter egg hunt around one of our fields. The three really worked together with my eldest spotting the treasure, the middle one running on to get it and then distributing it among his siblings.

The three are becoming increasingly hard to photograph together. The middle one especially is not so keen on having his photograph taken.

We’ve fed the ducks, splashed in paddling pools and generally had a lot of fun-mostly on the farm.

We have been to Dunham Massey a few times-our nearest National trust property and it is always good to blow the cobwebs away.

The boys have such a sweet, funny relationship. G is the leader and the baby just watches everything he does then copies. This is obviously not always good because despite his large stature, he is still only two and often can’t do the same things as his big brother. This does not stop him trying though.

We have finished lambing now but the children really got involved this year. J is very rough with the lambs and there has been some hairy moments where I had to intervene and remove him from the situation.

The relationships between the boys and my daughter is still evolving and she adores G (most of the time). J continually tries to hug and cuddle her and please her by sharing food and toys with her and while sometimes she will laugh and play with him, other times, you can see she just wants him to leave her alone. I think a lot of this is due to the six year age gap. He must just really annoy her.

Let’s look forward to another month with the three. I’m just hoping for the nice weather to continue. It just seems to make everything easier-apart from keeping their faces clean. The struggle with that one lives on.


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