Siblings, September 2020

The longest summer in the world has finally come to an end and, all three children are back at school or nursery.

I just hope Covid-19 can be kept in check to ensure the children stay in their educational settings. It has been a big deal for all of them and all three have been sad at least once about missing their friends. I have worried endlessly about how much teaching they have missed and it seems no amount of ‘mum school’ could replace what they would have had in school. Hopefully they will catch up.

Looking back over the photos from the last month, it seems fruit picking has taken up most of our lives.

We picked damsons, blackberries and pears. We made jam and crumble and the children helped with it all.

Summer 2020 has seen us stay at home for longer than ever before but we did manage one, outdoors and socially distanced outing to Raptor Land in Wilmslow which the boys loved.

They are still talking about it now.

They have been put to work washing machinery, had their photos took by various bales of straw and generally had a lovely time.

The six months off has seen the boys have a new understanding of their sister. They are patient and loving with her, more than ever before.

The boys’ relationship has changed too. They obviously bicker and fight still but, when they are in the right mood, they play so well together-often dino hunting or at least dinosaur related.

I am so proud of my children in how they have coped with the virus situation. I still find it sad when I overhear them playing and the virus is mentioned in there games and even my three year old is a dab hand (pun intended) with the hand sanitiser.

We have lived through unprecedented times and I fear it is still not over but education is what is important and for now at least, some sort of normality has resumed.

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