Start a New trend-Buy Yourself an Anniversary Gift

There may already be lots of occasions throughout the year when we give or receive presents, but as lovely and appreciated as Christmas, birthday and Valentine’s Day gifts are, there’s nothing quite as exciting as gifting something to yourself.

Reasons to be Indulgent

Choosing to buy yourselves anniversary gifts mean you get exactly what you want, and know you will be able to use/wear/display it with pride – no more embarrassing trips to the store to buy a bigger size, or spending half a day hunting for the ugly vase from cousin Sarah so it can be on display when she visits – and all in all it makes you feel good to indulge once in a while.

Feel No Shame

Should the merest hint of guilt at ‘squandering’ cash you could spend on the children instead creep in, banish it immediately; unless you are on the breadline you are actually teaching them an important lesson in parenthood – that it’s not healthy to always put yourself second.

There are hundreds of potential self-gifts to choose from, some work as a joint gift, others not so much. Here are just a few ideas.

Be Childish

Once we hit the teenage era of our lives, the joys of innocent youth quickly fall away, to be replaced with years of angst and self doubt, followed by grown up responsibilities. Along the way we seem to forget how to have fun, so self-gifting is a great excuse to claw back some of that exuberance. You could buy an adult sized trampoline for your yard, go paint balling, or buy coloring books and pencils. Just have fun with whatever you choose.

Escape for a Few Days

Grab a weekday deal at a classy hotel like the A couple of days of great food, [and no dishes to wash], luxurious rooms and suites [no bed to make!], a pool, spa, and hot tub to relax in, and if you have the energy, seasonal activities such as golf or skiing on offer, you can’t help but have a good time.  What better way to celebrate an anniversary than to devote an exclusive chunk of time to each other?

Buy Oversised Toys

Ride-on mowers are popular with many men for some reason, whether or not they have a yard to maintain! If your husband chooses to buy one of those, he’ll amuse himself quite happily for hours, leaving you to enjoy your portable karaoke machine, or your robot, or whichever other gadget caught your eye in the mall.

Go for an Investment Item

If either of you are more practical than frivolous, perhaps a quality briefcase, a pair of shoes or piece of jewellery is more your thing? Splashing out on something built to last is never a bad thing, and is a great reminder of what it represents.

Self-gifting may be a little offbeat, but who says you can’t be the couple who start what could well be the next big craze? Whatever you choose to do to commemorate your wedding day, have fun and treasure every moment.


*This is a collaborative post

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