Ten Reasons You Know You’ve Got Through Your First Ever Month of School

I’ve stopped crying on my way home from dropping Boo off at school now. It did go on for a good week and a half but I’ve pulled myself together.

So we’ve got through the first month and this is what I’ve deduced from school.

1 They return home with a funny smell about them. I can’t put my finger on what it is but it is a kind of gym pump, school dinners, mud and milk cocktail. Nice.

2 At least one item of clothing has been lost already (it was the tie on her first PE lesson),

3 You’ve attended at least one PTA “getting to know each other” coffee morning.


4 Been through at least three tubs of stain remover already.
5. Had a reply to the ‘what did you eat for lunch today” question with sausages. Every. Day. Since. She. Started.

6 Been introduced to books without words.

7 Received a homework book with ridiculous demands that a ten 35 year old would struggle with.


8 Seen your angelic child come home with attitude.

9 Begin term with a stylish outfit for each day and perfect hair to give up a month in and just thank your lucky stars you ran a brush through your hair and changed out of your nightwear.

10 Started counting down the days to half term when you can relax and not have to fly around in the morning.

We will be doing this FOREVER. The novelty of the first few days is wearing off. No more rolling up at 9.15 like we did at nursery.

How have your little ones been if they started school this time?

Send wine.


  1. Oh Emma, this is right on! We can relate to pretty much everything here. I have now got my eyes set on half term break (already). I could do with not rushing like crazy all day for a week! 🙂 Have a lovely weekend. 🙂 xx

  2. Oh yes! I remember this from last year. It doesn’t change as they go up the school. In fact, most of it happened again this year despite him being 1 year in, except the make-up. That lasted a day! I can barely get any on before I go to work on the days I work, so no chance for school-run days!

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