The 20-week scan-what are we having?

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I feel like doing a drum roll but I can’t work out how to write it.

We had the 20 week scan today.

I was still beside myself with worry.

Every scan I have ever had, ever, I haven’t slept well the night before.

Boo was at nursery this morning and I had the choice of changing the bed or getting back in it.

I opted to get back in as I thought if I slept, the time would go quicker, a bit like waiting for Christmas.

We tend to always have a row on the way to scans.

Hubster didn’t come with me for the 12-week one this time as we’d had one in early pregnancy two weeks previously and I tend to pick my battles with him (he hates hospitals).

We are not one of those couples who attend every antenatal class together.

To be honest, we had cows when I gave birth to Boo and I did well him being at her birth at all as a cow was in labour too. Thankfully she crossed her back hooves for me so I could labour first.

So we’d had our customary driving row. Mostly about me hitting curbs-the usual.

We had to got to the hospital shop to get me a drink and to get change for the scan picture machine.

Then we had a bit of a laugh to be honest. Not the usual where I’m sat in silence saying Hail Mary’s to myself.

They called us in.

I held my breath until I could see the baby moving on the screen.

Boo kept looking at my tummy. I don’t think she quite understood that the baby on the screen was inside.

The sonographer checked the brain, heart, spine, face and said everything seemed fine.

Then came the important bit. The sex.

We had still been debating over whether to find out, right up to the wire.


It’s a…..


Or a….


No we didn’t find out.

It was very, very tempting. Much more so than when I was pregnant with Boo.

I do have another scan in two weeks so I suppose I could find out sneakily on my own.

I won’t though.

It can be….


This rainbow baby can keep us guessing until, hopefully, he or she is in our arms.

Verily Victoria Vocalises

Verily Victoria Vocalises


  1. Awww ha ha. I love the way you have set this post out – and I am so glad that everything is well. You are very patient – I wanted to know IMMEDIATELY ha ha – so chuffed for you Emma 🙂 xxx

  2. Ah Emma I’m so glad it went well and you’ll have a lovely surprise! I always say I think it’s great to have a surprise but I just couldn’t do it myself I have to know!! Hope the next scan is as good, I used to get nervous before them too but loved seeing the baby or babies in my case 🙂 xx

  3. This news has somehow passed me by lovely! Huge congrats 🙂 Only another 20-22 weeks til you get to find out. So pleased all was well. Hope you’re feeling okay xxx #PoCoLo

  4. Belated congratulations and glad all is well with you and bump!
    More power to you for keeping it a surprise, we couldn’t face a surprise, had to know whether it was pink or blue! Hope the rest of pregnancy goes well! #PoCoLo

  5. Glad the scan went well and congrats!
    I so needed to know when I was pregnant but then spend the next 21 weeks worrying they had got the gender wrong! Even though they told us the gender at 20 weeks, 21 weeks (had to go back to get some measurements they couldn’t get the week before) and 34 weeks.

    1. Aww thank you. Thankfully I only have to wait 18 weeks at the most as i’ll be induced early. Either way I can’t wait now. 🙂

  6. It’s lovely that the gender is going to be a surprise. I didn’t know with my eldest, but more because he kept his legs firmly shut on scan days so they couldn’t tell. The next months will fly by x #pocolo

  7. Ahh lovely, I am 17 weeks pregnant with my third and can’t wait to find out, we were team yellow with our second until a growth scan gave it away at 35 weeks and I hated not knowing, I don’t do surprises!! This time we will find out if we can as the girls want to know what it is and I think it will help them. #pocolo

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