The Bunny Babies Escape, feared dead

This story could have ended so differently and believe me, if it had, I would not have been writing this post.
The bunny babies have been thriving. They are getting quite big and plump and will be ready for new homes in a week or so.
They may be plump but they have been able to squeeze through the wire of the run which Hubster made so I have been allowing them a supervised run around and then been putting them back in.
Until yesterday.
Boo and I had a date with Sooty (I will tell you about that later).
Off we went and had a great time.
On our return, I went to feed the rabbits. Hubster had opened the hutch and the mummy rabbit was there with one of the babies. I assumed the others were sleeping, grabbed the bucket and headed off to get the feed.
When I came out of the barn where the food is kept, the mummy rabbit had jumped over the run and followed me.
I just knew something was wrong.
I sped back to the hutch and looked inside.
No bunny babies.
Just the one and the mummy.
I frantically looked everywhere but they were no where to be seen and, crying, I went in screaming at Hubster for letting them out and not watching them.
We live on a farm. There are predators at every corner. I’ve seen cats and crows lurking around the hutch-hence me keeping them inside the hutch.
We all searched but they were gone. We all surmised the cats must have got them. It couldn’t have been a fox because the chickens were all still there.
I spent the rest of the day moping around. After having such a lovely morning, to come back to this.
We had tea and I looked out of the window by the stairs as I led Boo up to the living room and I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Two of the charcoal bunny babies were there trying to get in.

I yelled at Hubster to get Boo while I raced outside to quickly, put them back in.
Full of hope I must have looked out of the window every 15 minutes to see if any more came back but we weren’t sure where they had come from.
Hubster went out to lock up later on and when he came back in, he said he had found another baby sat on a pile of cobbles we have at the corner of the lawn.

They must be in there.
I spent ages scrambling round them, not wanting to move them in case I crushed any babies underneath but desperately trying to find them because I knew if they came out in the dark, something would get them.
No more came. I even woke up at 2am and went and shone a light on the cobbles but there was no sign.
Still nothing this morning so it was good that we still had three babies but one of the missing ones was the still-to-be-named cutie we were keeping.
Then, at 8.30am, Hubster rang me from his mother’s and said he could see three babies on the lawn. We raced outside again. They were all there-even my favourite,
It too ages to catch them as, after their taste of freedom, I don’t really think they wanted to come back but catch them I did.
We have spent most of the morning reviewing security and have used a wooden box for them.


Until we get another hutch, it really is the safest option. We will just have to drag them into a barn when it rains.

Bunny fairies were definitely looking down on us in the last 24 hours. Hubser has had a severe ticking off that they are my bunnies and he should not go near them unless I ask him to.

temp home
I cannot tell you how relieved I am and am considering calling them all Lucky after this escapade.


  1. awww Emma thank goodness you got them back!! bless i bet you were in bits!

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments .. this is certainly a magic moment!

  2. Oh my, what a 24 hours! I was reading through and so hoping all would be well! I can only imagine how stressed you were and worried about them out there over night. Let’s hope that’s the end of the drama now and all will be well x

  3. Glad you found them in the end! I really enjoyed reading all about their escape and safe return to their mummy! Mel

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