1. I didn’t know about any of this, and I can’t imagine what you are all going through worrying about a variety of things. But it’s not fair on those still waiting for compensation to be able to earn their living again – especially when the price doesn’t even come close to what they deserve.

  2. John Keleher

    We farm in Cheshire and are in the same predicament as you and hundreds of other farmers along the HS2 route. Current proposals see them wanting to take a third of the land for the railway and `wetland` habitat creation – even though this is not a wetland area ! We will also have a construction zone within 10 metres of our front door. But none of this is currently confirmed and may change before the Hybrid Bill goes to Parliament in 2020. We could ask them to buy the farm now but they are routinely under-valuing properties by at least 25%. So we wait and try to carry on as normal in the hope it may get cancelled – no way to have to run a farm. a home and our lives !

  3. In the Colne Valley west London, HS2 are taking farmland and our wetland nature reserves across the valley which are located above the Mid Chilterns Chalk aquifer. Fresh drinking water is abstrated from here for 3.2 million people. Curtesy of HS2 we are getting a 3.6 km viaduct built through 5 lakes, access roads, spoil dumps, power stations and Load Test Pile compounds. I was arrested at one of these compounds on 11th Dec 2018 and charged with aggravated trespass / obstructing ‘legal’ activity.
    Something can be done about HS2. I welcome support at Uxbridge Magistrates Court on April 1st 2019

  4. I believe HS2 is only for the benefit of high paid Londoners who will move out of the city (probably to Cheshire and other green belt areas) and commute into work having bought larger homes for less money. I thought of you when I heard your village being mentioned. This is shocking!

  5. S Brown

    In the colne valley, they have also driven at least one farmer into early retirement, as a huge amount of land has been taken.
    The farmers at Harefield had to relocate for the same reason and are still awaiting payment after nearly 2 years. Another farmer there had his crop destroyed, just before it was about to ripen.
    Sarah Green, above, is taking Hs2 on, please support her!

  6. You just don’t realise the impact of this until you read a post like yours… A family from East Sussex (my home ground) were on the news today as their famous relative, explorer Captain Matthew Flinders, remains have been discovered on the HS2 route along with many others!

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