1. Emma when my house was a mess I used to think Anthea Turner would put that away, so I would. Haha. Of course that was before we got a puppy, now I just invite people in & say “excuse the mess, we have a new puppy” although he’s started to give me funny looks. x

  2. Ah such a good attitude. I’m all for sharing the rubbish side of life as well. Last January I was working from home and so many people were posting glamorous photos of their home working environment so I posted one of me in my shocking pink onesie with a can of cider. That’s real life!

  3. Brilliant post. I sometimes go for ages without blogging as I don’t feel I have nice enough photos! And I recently had a friend telling me that she keeps up with my life on the blog. Hilarious! I don’t write about all the rubbish stuff that happens often! Xx

  4. It is so hard not to read other blogs and to see their perfect photos then compare yourself and believe that you are failing. I do not have the magazine photo perfect house (yet) but these pictures do give me inspiration .

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