1. Hilarious Emma. I’ve seen the whole time hop bandwagon but haven’t jumped on it, really don’t see the point tbh. I find there are lots of little annoying Facebook quirks these days, but I try to just ignore them xx

  2. Yes!!!! There are some crackers this week on #TheTruthAbout! I don’t even use TimeHop and barely use my social media for anything more than networking. I don’t see the point in the use of Twitter unless you have a product/service/blog to promote. And people on Facebook seem to have no real grasp of what it’s there for – many people using it as a way to air their anger at the boyfriends/ex-boyfriends or husbands. And the TimeHop thing – what the actual hell?! Get. Some. Imagination. Thanks. Love your thinking! (o: x

  3. This made me laugh because it’s so true, and it made me want to post your picture on my own wall, but I won’t because I still have to speak to these people at the school gates and they’re very pleased with their timehop pictures. I’m getting very good at scrolling past them now ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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