Two Teething-the Parenting Irony

There are times on this parenting journey when you can’t fail to miss the irony of some things that happen.

When G was small, it used to be getting him back to sleep, getting back into bed myself and then Boo waking up.

Similarly, you get over one stage with one child and the other child starts a new delightful phase.

No experience can be as ironic as out latest episode.

I’m talking teeth.

It seems G has been teething since the day he was born. I am probably exaggerating but he really has been a very dribbley baby from very early on.

The teething has hit him hard and he seems to get a cold at the same time and wakes up much more for feeds. He copes with pain by drinking milk it seems and who am I to argue?


He now has nine teeth so when we get the tenth, I will be so relieved that we are half way through our latest teething journey.

Not wanting to be left out though, Boo has had flushed cheeks at times for a good few months and I joked with her saying she must be teething too.

It was no joke.

A couple of weeks ago, her bottom two front teeth became wobbly. They were the first two and she cut them together when she was six-and-a-half months.

I wasn’t entirely sure how long it took for wobbly teeth to come out but it seems a love of apples and raw carrot saw to the speed in which they exited and, when the first came out while she ate an apple, we were very surprised.


I became even more surprised when I cut said apple up in search of the tooth only for it never to be seen again.

Poor Boo had swallowed her first tooth.

It actually didn’t bother her. I was more upset, lamenting about the empty ‘first tooth box’ which would have to be filled when the second tooth fell out.

As is a constant with us though, things never seem to run smoothly and, as she ate something else (I forget what) a week later, the second tooth fell our and was missing in action-feared swallowed again.


Thankfully the Tooth Fairy knew instantly that teeth had been lost and still visited on both occasions.

Boo thinks the Tooth Fairy looks like Peppa Pig like in the Tooth Fairy episode which is very cute and she was so happy with her £1 per tooth.

I however cannot believe that Boo’s teeth are not in my lovely little tooth box. I will get over it. I’ll have to but how ironic that one child is in pain getting his teeth while the other is losing the very teeth which caused her so much pain five years ago?






  1. So many times when O (8) started losing his milk teeth the tooth fairy forgot to arrive to had to sprinkle some fairy dust and leave him a note explaining her reasons for forgetting to collect his tooth (her tooth bag was full/she lost her map for directions to our house/she ran out of shiny pound coins…) the things us mums have to invent!

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