Welcome 2018 with a Surprising Four Wine Dinner Party

In with new: 2018 is here, and our party forecast says it’s time to start planning the first gathering of the year! Is there a better way to set the tone for a great time ahead than by calling your closest friends over for a merry dinner? We don’t think so, and we’d now like to inspire you to start planning a memorable dinner party that is ripe with interesting and creative ideas revolving around food and wine matching. The concept we propose involves serving four different types of wine. Read through, start musing, and proceed confidently.

Appetizer: Lemon Curd Toasts with Cheese Platter and Rose Wine

To get a memorable evening started, we recommend reaching out for something unusual that will show your guests they are about to experience an exciting and surprising dinner party. Get a nice rose wine and serve it alongside a cheese platter featuring at least 5 types cheese, and include several little toasts covered in lemon curd with some mint sprinkled on top. This combination will make for a provocative and stimulating appetizer that everyone will love! The fragrance of a good rose wine will help bring out the essence of any cheese, and the savouriness of the lemon curd will keep all palates humming throughout.

Salad: Grilled Mushroom Caps with Sparkling White Wine

Before proceeding to the main dish, a nice salad will be the perfect setting for introducing the next wine. Here, we recommend that you pick your favourite sparkling white wine and pair it with grilled mushroom caps topped with thinly sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese. This fresh and light combination of simple but delicious ingredients will make for a pleasurable experience that will contrast nicely with the intensity of the main course.

Main Course: Spicy Hot Beef Stew with Red Wine

After opening your dinner party with some playful and relaxed light coloured wines, you may want to warm up the mood and subvert expectations by switching to dark wines for the rest of the meal. As you may know, deep red wines are usually made from dark grapes which are high in tannins, making for a rich and fruity flavour. This type of wine will match brilliantly with beef based dishes, and since Winter is markedly here we suggest matching your rich red wine with some spicy hot beef stew to suit the weather.

Dessert: Homemade chocolates and Port Wine

To round up a surprising diner party, you should charm your guests with some sweet and delicious Port Wine. It goes perfectly with any kind of chocolate, but here we suggest you again defy expectations by serving your own homemade chocolates. It’s extremely simple to create interesting treats by melting top quality dark chocolate with your favourite nuts, seeds, raisins and assorted dried fruits, and this homemade chocolate makes for an impressive dessert that will always lead to many interesting conversations.

We hope this article succeeded in whetting your appetite towards organizing a memorable dinner party with a full course and matching wines. And if you’re looking for some appetizing wine deals, you know where to go next. Have fun planning a lovely evening, and remember to check back here for additional inspirations on mixing wine and food!


*This is a collaborative post


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