Why You Must Keep Your Dogs on a Lead in the Countryside

I’ve just been rounding up sheep with the farmer. We are bringing them into the barn for lambing. There is a public footpath adjacent to where one our fields is and there was a couple walking a dog which wasn’t on the lead. I told the farmer to wind his window down and tell them. Not wanting the aggro, he didn’t and in fairness, when we came back with a trailer full of sheep, the dog had been put on a lead.

It really got me thinking though. Despite highly publicised incidents of sheep worrying, people are still walking around the countryside with their dogs running loose.

NFU Mutual say attacks in livestock have risen 50% since before the pandemic. Are all the lockdown puppies really to blame?

Even if your dog doesn’t chase. Even if they are the most docile animal in the world. Even if they would never harm a fly, all dogs have the potential to worry sheep.

I even think the word worry is not strong enough. Worry is a vastly ubiquitous word. It can range from mild to severe terror and that is in humans. Dogs don’t just worry sheep, they terrify them.

You know I have two chihuahuas? I wouldn’t even let them loose near sheep. It’s not necessarily the size of the dog, it’s a combination of barking, unpredictability and running at them.

Did you know that if a dog is on a farmer’s land and they believe their sheep are being worried that they have the legal right to shoot the dog?

Farmers are animal lovers but their livestock come first and a dead sheep or aborted lamb is money.

Surely no responsible dog owner would take the risk of their beloved pet being shot for the sake of a lead.

A friend of mine had his hens killed by a dog that got into his garden because a fence panel had fallen down and the dog owners didn’t have their pet on a lead.

The truth is, no one knows what is around a corner. If you are walking near fields, there is a chance you will come across livestock so please keep dogs on a lead.


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