1. I love this post. So many people forget others have to work on Christmas day. Quite a few of my friends live on or used to live on farms and I can’t believe how hard they work.. In fact I once sent my son to work on a farm so he could see what hard was really like!

  2. I grew up on a farm and your comment about all the free calendars made me think of my grandpa! It’s funny little things that you think of/remember sometimes! Funnily enough I grew up in the states so feed supply companies giving calendars away must be an international thing!

    • Ha ha the funny thing is though because i have married into farming it’s taken me a long time to shake my other mindset. So i think Im living a life like yours in my head but wearing wellies in reality πŸ˜‰

  3. mummy2five

    I have always wanted to have a farm, or is it a farmhouse kitchen!
    You so should get some reindeer’s. I would also grow trees but then I would want to keep them all so I can dress them with twinkly lights.
    You tinsel up your coop *runs outside to start decorating our chicken coop and ferret house!

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