Organic Baby Skin Care Products from Tiddly Pom

I am always a bit dubious about baby cosmetics, lotions and potions. From experience with Boo, some of the leading names on the shelves in shops are not actually that baby-friendly.

Babies, newborns especially, have such sensitive skin that I worry I may be doing more harm than good.

Poor Beb however has developed quite dry skin. Maybe it is because he was born at 38 weeks, I don’t know but, when the lovely people at Tiddly Pom offered me some organic baby products, I jumped at the chance.

I was sent Organic Soothing Lotion, Organic Baby Wash and Organic Nappy Balm and I intended to trial the products over the course of a week.


We started out with the Baby Wash during bath time and top-and-tail time. I don’t bath Beb every night, both from personal choice and the fact that he is not actually dirty (I’m sure that will change when he goes on the farm).

The Lotion smelled lovely and you could tell it was gentle. It has a natural scent rather than a synthetic one.


Next I put the Nappy Balm on his bottom when he was all dry. Now this, I was super impressed with. It is definitely a balm rather than an ointment and, to me, it seemed to absorb into the skin more. While Beb hasn’t got nappy rash yet, I used the balm on the bits around his legs where the nappy can rub and again on his lovely little bottom, just as a preventative measure.

As I mentioned before, his poor little arms and legs were very dry and the Soothing Lotion was what I was looking forward to the most.

I rubbed a small amount between my hands to warm it up a bit and set to work.
I did baby massage with Boo and I unbelievably remembered some moves on baby Beb. He seemed to really enjoy it and so did I. (This is from the woman who can’t remember to text people back, so I was impressed.)

Again, the soothing Lotion had a very, very pleasant, clean, natural smell and I took a before and after picture of his lovely little legs.

Here is the thing though, the relief for dryness happened instantly and, unfortunately the dry photo didn’t come out on my phone. I don’t know why.

I wasn’t worried, I just planned not to use the cream for a couple of days and take another picture when the dryness came back.

Amazingly, the dryness did not return. So, after three days of waiting, I continued using this miracle cream and I will never use another cream again.


Not only did it cure Beb’s dry skin however, it also cured my own. Being a farmer’s wife with pets and a new baby, I am constantly washing my hands and they do take a battering.

They are usually sore, cracked and incredibly dry-especially in winter.

I don’t know if it is a combination of the Nappy Balm or the Soothing Lotion but, since the start of my trial, my hands have been lovely and soft and I have started rubbing it into Hubster’s poor dry hands too.

Needless to say, the trial has extended past a week and I will never use another cream on my children.

I will have to buy another bottle of Soothing Lotion soon though if we are all using it and Hubster has very big hands.

I am so impressed with Tiddly Pom. Tiddley Pom skin care products are made from the best quality natural and organic ingredients. With their extensive experience sourcing active, effective and safe oils, extracts and absolutes, they offer the very best range of products for you and your baby and nothing is ever tested on animals but on the Tiddley Pom Team of Mums.

The products are available to buy on their website along with CDs and massage oil for baby massage. Boots and Debenhams also stock the skincare range.

*We were sent the Tiddly Pom products for the purpose of this review but my enthusiasm and delight at the results of the products are genuine and all opinions are my own.

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