Blackberry picking


There’s nothing better than picking your own fruit and vegetables for teaching children where food comes from.

I realised this week that is about a year since we went blackberry picking.

We are very fortunate to have bushes on the farm. If you want to go blackberry picking yourself, I think you are supposed to ask the farmer’s permission if the bushes are on his land but I didn’t think Hubster would mind-especially if there was the promise of cake, pie or crumble at the end of it.

photo 1

There were loads of blackberry bushes last year. This year, due to new fencing going up, there weren’t as many. They will probably grow back for next year but there was still an ample amount to pick.

photo 3

Boo love it and was much more excited about the picking than last year. Unfortunately however she was much more excited about the eating too and, it seemed, no matter how many blackberries I picked, Boo continued to shovel them in her mouth.

photo 4

In the end, I gave up trying to stop her. She was eating fruit, I shouldn’t be putting her off and I knew I had apples to bulk out the dwindling berries.

photo 5

We had a lovely time.

If you get the chance to go picking blackberries it is such a lovely activity.

photo 5