The horror that is the Happyland box

photo 4

This tub is the bane of my life.

It’s just a pink, plastic box. Quite innocuous, or so you think.

It’s when it is opened that the horror literally spills out before your very eyes. (Have some horror film music in your head now please).

You see this tub holds Boo’s collection of Happyland figures. You know, the little people from ELC?

She loves them.

photo 1

They get everywhere.

I have been known to hide the blighters.

Last Christmas, in preparation for the deluge of new toys, I hid them in a wardrobe. UNTIL MARCH.

All other hiding places were quickly discovered.

Despite her small stature, Boo has been able to hump this box around-pulling it from its hiding places and begging me to open it.

Once it has been discovered, there is no use trying to deny its contents to the little one.

Resistance is futile.

photo 2

She empties the box, puts back the ones she doesn’t want (imagine the clattering noise) plays with some, empties it again.

This ritual can last several hours.

Imagine it at 6am when you’d rather be anywhere than sat on the sofa with Peppa Pig in the background, pretending to chase Boo’s Happyland figure with your own.

photo 3

I am just looking forward to the Christmas decorations going up. That is my cue to hide the Happyland-maybe until June 2015.