Our new wellies from Wellie-Web

I can’t claim to be an expert at many things. However, living on a farm, there is one thing I know a lot about and that is wellies and appropriate footwear.
I’ve written before about wellies and how I had an idylic dream of me tottering around the farm yard in wedge wellies. It was not to be. I couldn’t get them off myself and Hubster was not happy having to be called in to pull them off every time.
Recently, Boo was offered the chance to review a pair of wellies for herself.

photo 1
The lovely people at Welly-Web sent her a pair of the Original Muck Company muck boots. We were very impressed with their funky colour and waited patiently for a rainy day.
Unlike most places however, it is usually always muddy on the farm and we never have to wait long for rain do we?
So off we went to try them out. Boo was very pleased because all of the people on the farm told her how pretty her new boots were-always a winner with my child. She pranced around a lot showing them off.

photo 2
The boots are made from neoprene which is 100 per cent waterproof and very warm which is great as the weather will be going colder soon. Normal wellies can be very cold in winter. The design is also perfect for kids as it is lightweight, has no heel to roll their ankle over with, is warm and, what I was most impressed with is that is is fitted to the leg.
This means any Peppa Pig-style jumping up and down in mudddy puddles is fine as water won’t drip down into the boot-the amount of sock and trouser changes we’ve had to do in the last couple of years because of this is unreal.

photo 3
While I like to think of myself as the perfect recipient for the trial of wellie boots, it seems I am not alone and, (sssh) there are a couple of farmers out there who have taken their expert wellie wearing to the next level.
Nicola and Giles Palmer run Wellie-Web. Having decided farming full-time would not support them (they have twin daugters too!), they started their internet retail business ten years ago.
They admit themselves that as farmers, they are better suited than most at trying our the best wellington boots.
They hold all the stock they sell so there is no chance of anything being out of stock and all items that are held in stock can leave them by 3.30pm and be with you the next day.
The couple spend their lives living and breathing wellies as well as looking after their children and their herd of cows.
Whether you’re an avid outdoorsy person, going to a festival, into horse riding or are looking for a new pair of wellies for winter, Wellie-Web is fantastic.
They sell Hunters and other big brands for both adults and children and, they even have a competition running to win a pair of Hunter wellies for kids on their Facebook page.
What are you waiting for?


*We were sent the lovely boots to review but all opinions are my own.

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