The Great British CarBoot

It’s the Sunday of a Bank Holiday weekend and, for me it can mean only one thing.


I have a house full of tat but it doesn’t stop me going along to buy more treasures.

In the past, I have bought children’s toys and books-especially LadyBird classics which take me back to my own child hood.

One of my best bargains was this Wow toys farm for £1. Boo loves it and platic toys are great second hand because you can wash them and soak them in Milton.


I also like to look for plates and bowls for taking food photos for the blog.
At the last bank holiday, Baby G attended his first car boot. Boo is an old hand at it but has to be watched like a hawk. She has a habit, like a magpie of picking up shiny things and either putting them in her pocket or putting costume jewellery on her wrists. If it goes on her arm, I basically have to buy it or face a public tantrum, trying to get it off her.


I got two plates which I was sure were Portmeririon. They were pretty so I asked the price and the lady said 50p each. For £1, I thought I would buy them even if they weren’t Portmeirion as they were so nice. Guess what? I casually glanced at the bottom of the plate as I put them in my bag and I saw this:


It took all of my self-composure not to squeal. I looked on the internet when I got home and they are about £10 each new.

The other thing I bought was a curio cabinet. I have been looking for one of these for ages and, I was casually looking at some of the small things in the cabinet and asked how much it was. The lady there said she wanted £4 for the whole thing so I snatched her hand off.


Some of the small ornaments weren’t to my taste so I got rid of them and added some I already had. I am hoping if the weather holds off and we get to go to the carboot today, I will get some little things to fill it completely. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I like it.

That is the only problem with carboots and children-especially babies. If it is bad weather, I can’t really go.

They really are a British institution and I love them. What’s the greatest bargain you’ve ever got?