24 Weeks Pregnant With Baby Number 3


Six months pregnant sounds a bit official really, doesn’t it? I like to think of it as the time you can use it to your advantage-you know make excuses for things like forgetting your name and you children’s date of birth.

Since my last update, I feel like the bump itself has blossomed. At my last antenatal appointment, they said my womb is right up at the top of my tummy so it’s all grow grow grow (as opposed to my go go go that actually got up and went).

Medically, everything is fine. My blood pressure is stable, my blood sugars are as normal as the can be and, apart from a bit of protein in my wee, which is normal for me, the midwives are pleased.

I sometimes forget about the bump so bending down for toys off the floor can be a bit of a shock.

That is one of the surprising things about this pregnancy. With having two children to look after, I sometimes forget how many weeks I actually am. Whereas with the others, my pregnancy weeks were etched on my brain, this time, I sometimes forget. How funny.

I always get carpel tunnel when I’m pregnant-where your hands go numb and you get pins and needles, particularly at night, in bed which is just wicked because, coupled with the kids’ sleep regression and my frequent toilet breaks, it means there is one tired mama most of the time.
It had resided a bit but has been back with a vengeance the last week or so. I think mainly due to wrapping almost 200 selection boxes for the school Christmas fair.

My hormones have been on overdrive. I have probably cried at something silly every day. My empathy with others is acute and, even with things where I would have probably cried anyway, I have cried more and for longer.

I am enjoying this quiet time.

I know that once I hit the third trimester, my blood sugars will go awry and I will have more antenatal appointments and growth scans so I am making the most of it.

At least I am under no illusion of what is to come.

So far so good.

14 weeks to go.


  1. Eek! 6 months does sound official! You look fab mrs! So sorry you are suffering with your hands, I had that for a while with Lottie and it was rubbish. Hope you manage to get some sleep soon, try and take it easy xxx

  2. You look fab Emma, I’m glad it’s all going so well and I can’t believe how far along you are already! It seems to have flown by. It must be so hard for you to get some sleep at the moment, I hope you manage a little more rest before baby arrives xx

  3. Wow 6 months! Aww pregnancy hormones suck, I spent loads of my pregnancy crying too! Hope you continue to enjoy your quiet time before the third trimester arrives xx #maternitymondays

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