5 Reasons To Buy T-shirts as Gifts

There are always people you struggle to buy for at Christmas and birthdays- for me it is usually the men in my life but there is usually one go-to item I always go back to-a cool t-shirt.

I remember buying a (Manchester City) blue Oasis one when I was 16 and just about to start sixth form college. I felt so cool wearing it with my Adidas Gazelles and a little denim skirt. If someone bought me something similar for Christmas, I would be ever so pleased.

So I’ve come up with 5 reasons you should buy t-shirts for the people in your life this Christmas.

1. It is easy to guess the size of t-shirt to fit someone. If I have to choose regular size-especially women’s, I struggle. With t-shirts, it is almost always a case of extra small to a couple of extras on the large. Much easier.

2. If you are unsure of someone’s personal style, a slogan top or a band t-shirt is sure to be a winner. Especially with a retro TV show or band on it.

3. It is an original gift. I think, if you get a top which has a movie that your friend or loved one adores, it is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give.

4. The price is right. I have found if you shop around and check out music retailers, they can be really competitive with online shops.

5. They last longer. Imagine giving chocolates. They may not even last one day and even perfume and aftershave will only last a certain amount of time. I’ve still got band t shirts from my teens. They can even be passed down to children so they can even be seen as an investment.

Do you have a favourite t-shirt?

*This is a collaborative post


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