How to Make Your Home Smell Christmassy

I love everything about Christmas but one of my favourite things is the smell. Fir trees, pine cones, gingerbread, cinnamon.

I cannot get enough of the scent of Christmas. I do have a Christmas scented candle on the go at all times of the year. Sometimes, if I have had a bad day, the smell of mulled wine wafting though my house instantly cheers me up.

I feel like I am a bit of an expert on Christmas scents and, should I ever go on Mastermind, that could well be an option for my specialist subject. I thought, I would take this opportunity to share with you my ultimate tips to get your house to smell like Christmas.

Scented candles are a must. Have one as you come in by the door or on various window sills, mantel pieces and shelves throughout your home. Obviously exercise cancel safety. My three are drawn to a flame like a moth so I keep them well out of reach and, most times, I only light them when they are in bed but they do smell divine.

For times when flames just won’t do and the children are at their most inquisitive, reed diffusers are your friends. Don’t get me wrong, they did go through a phase of messing with them and I would find reeds all over the place but, they seem better now and I tend to place them well out of reach now. Old house are great for this. I have reed diffusers on most of the exposed beams in the house. Make sure you regularly turn the reeds for full aroma benefit.

I use ordinary air fresheners too-you know the gel types. Mainly in the bathrooms and entrance hall and, at this time of the year, they have to be Christmas ones.

Many shops sell fragrance oil next to their candles. I love this stuff. I put little drops of it onto the top of my radiators and wow does that fill your room with an amazing smell. My friend taught me this trick. Her house always smelled of roses (my summer scent) and I once asked her how she did it. Less is more here. Just a couple of drops here and there but do avoid bedrooms.

At Christmas, I love exploring old ways of scenting your home and, for me, a clove-studded orange is an essential. Your fingers will not thank you but the scent in your home will. After one particularly sore fingered year, I try to wear rubber gloves. It is the future.

You can’t beat the real smell of fir but if you do have an artificial tree or you wish to extend the smell, you need Scentsicles. I reviewed them years ago and they are now a firm favourite. You can hang them on your tree to make it smell real or even more Christmassy but they now come in a variety of flavours and I hang them on radiators and poke them into wreaths and garlands and the smell is not only amazing but lasts. So if I leave them in the garlands, when I get the decorations out the following year, they still smell Christmassy.

We recently installed a wood burning stove and I have been experimenting. Cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, bits of Christmas tree-all add to the festive aroma. I’ve been told that if you can smell the burning from a woodturner then there is something wrong with it so I place these things on the top or at the side where it gets hot to release the aromas.

Place cinnamon sticks and cloves around your home as they are. Not only do they smell nice but they look the part at Christmas and you can even put them next to your clove spiked oranges.

Zoflora bring festive scents out a this time of year and I like to have a bottle or two throughout the year. Just by mopping your floor with Warm Cinnamon will make your home smell gorgeous. Place a bit in the sink before your guests arrive or before you go to bed and your rooms will smell Christmassy in no time.

Pot pourri is a little passe if you ask me but shops still sell it so people must buy it and, while it is not part of my home a other times of the year, it seems law in December. I also like to added more scented pine cones and I have this in little festive bowls around my home.

I could probably go on and, if I think of more, I will add it. There is no excuse for your house to not smell festive but do you know the smell that really makes it feel that the season has arrived? It only usually happens here on the day itself but the smell of roast turkey drifting through your house is just my favourite.

Have a Smelly Christmas.


  1. I bought a giant bag of cinnamon sticks years ago to use on gift wrapping (Country Baskets) but was surprised to find they didn’t smell too much – maybe that’s why they were sold for decoration? Just my luck

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