1. Ha, yep! I agree with you. Ours don’t go up until well into December, probably about mid-December really although we may be persuaded to do it a little bit earlier.

  2. I agree, keeping the toddler and cat off the tree for a couple of weeks is enough for me! we usually put ours up on the second weekend in December as a family event. My mum’s birthday is the 4th december and so we celebrate that before thinking of decorations.

  3. Mike Byrne

    I love Christmas but for me its my birthday at the end of November and right after decorations go up. Totally agree earlier is prolonging the magic. The most magic bit is Christmas Eve. All the lights and songs in November surely people get bored of it by December. I do start present buying so more time to organise buying but no mention of Christmas itself and they arent wrapped until well into December.

  4. Louise Houghton

    I agree. I am a HUGE fan of the festivities as are all our family but nothing starts in our house until after Halloween, and that is only the cake. November I clean everywhere there will be decorations then The Tree and decs go up 1st weekend of December and the first mince pies are made. We have no small ones in our house so no issue with pulling at things.

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