5 Things I love about Birthdays

It was my birthday on Sunday. Yay. Who doesn’t love birthdays?

So here are my top five reasons why I love my birthday.

1.You get gift. All the gifts. Granted, as you get older, the gifts become less but this makes them even more special.

2.You receive post. Now, as a blogger, I am quite used to receiving things through the post and, like gifts, I believe you start to appreciate the thought of a card more as you get older. It is lovely to think that someone has thought of you.

3.People are nice to you. All day. It is basically against the law to be mean to someone on their birthday. Take it while you can.

4.You can get away with things. ‘It’s my birthday’. That usually stops people on their tracks if they are about to reprimand you for something.

5.Cake. A bug, huge, delicious slice of cake. Preferably with candles that your children help you to blow out and a song from your offspring to make it even more special.


What do you love most about birthdays?


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