5 Time Saving Ideas for Christmas with Children


1. Take toys out of boxes and put batteries in so they are ready to play with. No one wants to wait the 45 minutes to get the scissors or take those really annoying plastic tags off.

2. Even if you take the wrapping away, have a couple of screw drivers handy for any emergencies. You never know.

3. Likewise, scissors in a handy yet out of reach place for any stray tags or packaging.

4. Stock up on batteries and have them near to where you open presents. Even the most vigilant of parent can miss a battery operated toy. No child wants to wait two days for shops to open to play with a much longed for toy.

5. Make sure you stock up on medicines-calpol, teething powders, cough medicine and the all important paracetamol. See batteries above.

Enjoy a stress free Christmas.


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